Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thai Food and Psych tests

I finally got some decent Thai today. I've been longing for it since we moved back to the DFW area August 2nd and have only managed to have pretty bad Thai once since then. We went to Thai Tina's this afternoon and it was alright. Pricey, but alright. Still doesn't hold a candle to Thai Garden, though. It kills that we missed the Vegetarian Buffet this last Sunday. I hope Lori Morris appreciates how much we love her since we missed it so we could see her at the airport. (I actually ended up staying with the kids at Mom's since Josiah was having a really rough afternoon.) Anyway......

We head to our first "Lab" tonight for Mission Alive. This one is the "Discovery Lab" and I've already completed 4 tests for it, 2 personality, 1 marriage and 1 spiritual gifts. There's more to come, I'm sure. This Lab is all about determining if we're fit to plant a church. It sounds hokey but is actually a good thing. We've done it before and it helped us with our confidence and showed us where to "shore up" before we left the states. I'm hopeful for this time but nervous. These can be great or tortuous.

Pray for my Mom. Bless her angelic heart, she's keeping the kids all weekend for us while we do this Lab. My Dad's in Houston so she'll be going it alone.... and it's SHOP HOP weekend! She's missing one of the biggest quilting events of the year just to keep my kids. She'll get and extra star in her crown for sure.

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