Thursday, September 08, 2005

So Far So Good

The "Discovery Lab" has been great so far. We've heard some great stories of faith and met some neat people. Interviews start tomorrow and we've got homework. We're in two teams of people writing up a plan to plant a pretend (say that 3 times fast) church in Sachse and Wylie Texas (one city each team). Blek! Not because I don't like planning a church plant but because I've got to do it in 2 days without ever laying eyes on the city. It's more about how we work together anyway.....

So. Thanks for the prayers. Mom says the boys did great. 1 day down, 3 to go. I'm tired already.


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Greg said...

Hi Teresa's home and stuff:
It's good reading about what you guys are doing. We miss you. I love the picture of Josiah and the caption. (lol) I know being close to family is going to be such a blessing for you guys. I was talking with Craig the other day and we both said we missed coming to church and not having Josiah to run around with, laugh with, etc. Tell him we love him and miss him.
Take care and keep blogging.
May God bless,