Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Night Bus

I know, if I was a good "Potterer" I would call it the "knight" bus, but there's nothing chivalrous about putting your baby on a bus in the dark. We wait on the front porch every morning and as you can see our cat waits in the window with us. I could have brightened up the images but then you wouldn't get a feel for just how dark it is.
We're all getting into the swing of it now and I think it will work out fine. Now all I have to do is convince Hunter to quit the "I'm dying of stomach pain" act everytime I tell him to hop on his bike and ride to school. I pitched a fit this morning when he tried that after getting up early and playing Nintendo for almost 2 hours. I drove him to school, but it won't happen again. He only rides if it's raining or freezing or over 100 degrees (which it has been several times this week).
Won't it be fun when there's three of them in school?

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