Monday, September 19, 2005

Is it just me?

I remember in college when Todd and I were married that I had just about decided that answering machines were a curse. Without them you could assume that many friends had tried to call while you were out all day but just couldn't leave a message. With the machine, you knew for sure that you had no friends....or none that called anyway. Todd and I used to check the machine and say, "nobody loves us today." O.K., we weren't sitting around moping and feeling like losers because there were no calls, but for a split-second it was just disappointing.
Of course, after a while we were in debt and broke and we really hated getting the messages we were getting on our machine. I'm glad that's over.

Now there's e-mail. Instead of just looking for a blinking light you have to get the computer started up, log on and check to get that special "let down" feeling. Maybe I should sign up for a "free i-pod if you fill out our survey (and spend $250)". That's a sure-fire way to generate mounds of e-mail, isn't it?

I realize that sending e-mail is also a good way to generate e-mail but it's no fun to whine if you're all "taking responsibility" and all that junk.

By the way...Josiah rode the bus for the first time today!! He was so excited and we were ready in plenty of time. Poor baby. We've spent YEARS telling him that he may NOT get out of bed if it is still dark outside and now we're waking him up, dressing him, feeding him, and putting him on a bus before the sun comes up. This morning he said, "Mom, it's still night time?" He was so ready for that bus that he didn't argue much. 6:55. Mommy is not happy about it.

Speaking of time to go. I'd better go get Hunter sent off. He doesn't even get out of bed until 3o minutes after Josiah leaves! Craziness.


geraldine said...

Tell Josiah that I'm really proud of him for riding the bus!

I fell at church yesterday & am now nursing bruised knees, a sore chin, sore shoulder, bruises on my palms & a swollen & bruised right hand. Even with all that, I feel pretty good & thank you, God, that I did not break anything!! Bob is off to DC tomorrow. And stop whining about messages! 8^)


Greg said...

That is sooo cool about Josiah. Give him a hug for me and the rest of the J buddies. Greg

Teresa said...

I'll tell him how proud everyone is. I can tell he likes riding and he'll be glad that others are proud too.