Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I pray God blessed you with many happy memories and things to be thankful for. We had a great time here. Todd's family all came and everything went smoothly. The house was almost really clean, the food all got cooked (except that pie Todd wanted me to make for Josiah. I didn't even know where to start on that one) and I even got a few hours of sleep last night.

We did a nice job of combining thankfulness to God with one of the cardinal sins (glutany) for a whole day. There were 9 adults and 7 kids and only one incident involving blood...and it wasn't even my kid. I don't think that one would have even happened if Alicia hadn't told Colby not to hurt his face because they had already had to postpone family pictures once. Of course, he laid a rasberry all the way across one side of his face. Go Colby!

Everyone got along nicely and the food was fabulous. The kids were happy and we got to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Go Mike!). In short, I'd do it all again...but not until I've rested for a day or two.

The Herzogs are here in town to see their kids and we're going to try to see them tomorrow. I am seriously excited about that. Part of me wants to gather all sorts of things to send back to Montgomery but the rest of me just wants to enjoy John and Linda and not worry about it....that part will probably win out. I know you're not surprised about that.

One thing I learned today: cookies without the baking soda equal flavored silly putty. Don't do it!

And I'm thankful for you!!!

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