Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Feeling Deep?

I just finished reading Greg Newton's blog. I know I've mentioned before that I read his blogs but never comment and, sure enough, I didn't comment this time either. However, I really think you should read it, especially his blog from yesterday, November least I'm pretty sure that's the date on it. It's an epistle to the saints in Dothan. The whole thing really embodies what "emergent" church is striving to be. I know it's a term we use alot and I can never really explain what the movement is about but Greg does a good job of it on a really regular basis in his blog.
Don't try it if your brain's not turned on, however. It's not light weight skimming material.

Just for a little background, Greg and Marsha and their kids were in Mwanza for 8 years or so. They were there when we arrived and we overlapped for one month. He was also overseen by the Homewood Church and they were in Birmingham when we came home. They are now ministering at the Disciple's Fellowship in Birmingham. He's been a good friend and mentor to Todd.

P.S. Josiah is doing great but has a dentist appointment in the morning. PRAY!

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