Saturday, November 26, 2005

Just Because

Because I feel like I should post as much as possible, not because I have anything to post about.

We got to have dinner with the Herzogs last night. We hung out at my parents' for a while and then drove to Coppell to eat Mexican. Somewhere along the line I missed the part about their WHOLE family being here. It was fun to see Ms. Clara and Mike and Rachel too besides John and Linda and Stuart and Melissa. Isaac asked if we could spend the night at Mrs. Linda's house but we just couldn't swing being 13 hours away and all. It's bitter-sweet to spend time with old friends.

After dinner we went back to my folks' to drop Josiah off for the night but he had a melt-down and we couldn't leave him. We were surprised but it was ok. We were hoping he'd stay because we had a yard sale this morning and were pretty sure he would not like seeing our stuff walk away with other people. He did surprisingly well however and since it started raining around 9 or so we didn't have long to torture him. This morning was eery. I have never seen so little traffic on our street. We set up at 6am and didn't have a single customer by 8. After that we had a rush and then it started raining. During that first two hours as we stood and watched our totally deserted street Todd said, "Wow. This feels just like trying to get a job."

We did eventually make a little money and we took the kids to Toys R Us as promised. Toys R Us did not have any cool Star Wars toys so we moved on to the real toy store....Wal Mart and everybody got what they wanted (under $15) and we went back to Grandma's. Hunter stayed tonight so it's just the 4 of us. We played a few rounds of Dora's Candy Land and I'm trying to convince Ike and 'Siah that they are as tired as me right now. They're not buying it. Maybe I should try harder.

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