Friday, November 11, 2005

About Josiah

I often sit down to blog and can not for the life of me remember what it was I intended that morning to write about. Today I seem to be remembering it all, but I don't want to just keep switching topics so radically every other paragraph (like I did this morning). I have decided, therefore, to just post a seperate blog.

We received a note from Josiah's teacher this morning (it actually came yesterday but I found it this morning). It was from his teacher's aid, Mrs. Lowhorn. It reads:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

Josiah accidently hit my elbow. He bent down, kissed my elbow and said, "I love you." I almost cried! He has come so far and I could not be prouder. We are so lucky to have him in our class.


We too are proud of Josiah! They called us from school the other day to let us know that he had calmed himself down during a tantrum and was able to continue his work. I think they really called to explain the bite-shaped bruises on his arm but he had calmed down and was proud of it so they let him hear the call and couched it all as a proud moment instead of trauma.

His tantrums are becoming fewer and farther between. He rarely "loses his mind" these days and only hits his brothers when he's exceptionally annoyed or playing too all brothers do.

Why? It's another one of those "crazy, wacko, fanatic, hippy" things we've tried over the years. It's called Mangosteen juice and Dr. Corbier mentioned it to us just before we moved as a possible way to help Josiah with dopamine regulation. It was the second of three things he mentioned. The first didn't help and we had really decided this didn't either but then I didn't give it to him one day. Wow. Right back to the screaming thing. His teacher said all his problems came in the afternoon so I upped his morning dose and he's been doing great! We're so skeptical of "complimentary medicine" that it surprises us when it works. We're still willing to try, though.

We're talking about trying Hunter on it. I've put him on the vitamins Josiah is taking and so far he's not gotten sick. It's still early in the season so I'll keep you posted on that one. We may all be popping those "wacko, hippy" pills before long. Hey, if it works....

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Kat Marr said...

Isn't it sooo awesome seeing our children thrive. I know we don't have the same challenges, but (with our boys especially) it seems we have to go at things from a million angles until we get the right one for each individual...sigh. I am so glad for you...your heart just swells doesn't it? Being a mom is the best, hardest, but best. It sounds like Josiah has a good teacher too...Yeah! Anyway, we love you guys and are praying about the job thing....some day we'll actually have to see you! LOL...BIG HUGS!