Tuesday, November 15, 2005

All Better!

Josiah went to school this morning all smiles and bounces. He took a shower and is feeling great! We're so pleased, and so is he from what I gather.

Isaac is also happy. He has been wanting to watch Happy Pooh Year and had to wait for Josiah to go to school. Not because Josiah doesn't like Pooh but because Isaac really, really wanted to watch it in French and Josiah did NOT want to watch Pooh speaking in foreign tongues. I'm still not sure why Ike was so determined to watch it in French but he's sitting through the entire thing, totally glued to it, which he never does in English. Maybe he'll pick up some French. Pooh French.

When he's done and Todd gets home we're going to finish watching Monk. He borrowed the first season from the library and we're loving it! I'm enjoying it a little more than Todd. He says it's like watching What About Bob. I disagree. I couldn't sit through more than 15 minutes of that movie. Monk, on the other hand, I could (and did) watch for hours.

Todd's at breakfast with the youth minister from Heritage today. He called Todd yesterday and wanted to get together. I'm not sure what to think. I tend to suspect the motives of people I don't know. Todd said he just wanted to visit and maybe talk about him helping with the youth. We'll see.

By the way, Tigger speaking French is quite an interesting experience.


Mrs. Wrye said...

I'd be very interested in seeing Winnie the Pooh in French! :D

Teresa said...

You can watch Pooh in French if you have a Pooh movie on DVD. You just go to "Languages" and switch. I assume you know this and just don't have Winnie the Pooh on hand. If this is the case, come on girl!! We've got an extra bed and you can zip on down anytime with your hubby for a little hot chocolate and Winnie the Pooh. I'm all over it!