Friday, November 11, 2005

"For Pete's Sakes"

It's what Isaac told me yesterday when I told him I don't like McDonalds. He said, "You don't like it like Grandpa? For Pete's Sakes!!" I almost fell over. How cute!

Todd is headed to an interview at Verizon today. It's for a job answering questions over the phone. Not what we really need but..... He's applied so many times. I don't do very well about updating you all on all the rejections. No return call from the gas company on reading meters, no return call from History Maker homes for a second interview, no call back from APD (just that nasty letter), etc., etc. Today as he left he said, "Maybe God will let me win the lottery." "Are you buying tickets?" I asked. "No. If I win I want it to be truly a miracle." Goober. He's managing to keep his spirits up and I'm proud of him. After he left I thought, "Maybe God will work a lottery miracle by having a church we've never heard of call him for an interview."

He's come full circle in ministry and faith in a way I never thought I'd see and in a way that never would have happened had we not been "canned". He's applying at churches of Christ. All the men he seeks counsel from are CofC-ers and we are attending a church of Christ. He still doesn't quite fit, but he's decided to make his journey from where he is and see if anyone wants to come along. How Bob Kiser is that?

Total change of topic....we watched Big Fish the other day. I really enjoyed it but didn't see anyone I knew. Give me some hints people. Which scenes were you in? What were you wearing? I think I may have found Miss Mathew's car (she was our neighbor) but I'm not sure. Clue me in on your movie debut folks.

On that note, we also borrowed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Highly entertaining. Johnny Depp's got nothing on Gene Wilder as Willy but other than that, I really liked it.

O.K. I think I may be done rambling. On with your lives, people!

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