Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Zoo

So my friend Ali calls me up this morning and says, "Hey, we're goin' to the zoo, wanna come?" Well, yeah. Partly because I've been meaning to go to the zoo but mostly because it was Ali....and Andrew, who is also starting Kindergarden next year. It was a blast! My personal favorite, as you can see, was the parakeet cage. How fun! I think Ike's favorite part was taunting the animatronic dinasaurs.

After a full day at the zoo, Ali and I swapped kids (Andrew for Hunter) until church. Somehow that just feels right...swapping kids with a friend on a Wednesday night. Maybe we're really settling in here.
Church was.....what's the word?.....mayhem? Maybe not that bad. I teach 2's and 3's and tonight I had 11 of them without an official helper. I say "official" because halfway through class two Jr. High girls were wandering the halls and I snagged them and pressed them into service.They were great! and they saved my bacon.

So now my feet hurt and I'm a bit weary. My dog does not understand this, he wants to play, but I'm bigger than him and I'm pretty sure he won't be permanently scarred emotionally if I ignore him this once. Despite the trauma to my dog, it has been a really nice day. I will sleep well, with a smile in my dreams. Posted by Picasa

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