Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend Report

Not as in "a report made during the weekend" but as in "a report about the weekend". I know you were worried.

My weekend was fantastic all around. Every male in my household (that's everybody but me!) left town at about 4pm Friday. The silence was glorious. I made a date with my parents and ran to Blockbuster. After a decadent dinner with my Mom and Dad at Buca di Beppo I returned home and watched a French film that turned out to be really great (Amelie). I went to bed and slept like a rock until 6am when my dog began jumping up and down because he needed to "go". I took him out and returned to bed until 8 when the jumping was repeated. Note to self: find a sitter for the dog when having a "relaxing" weekend. Well, 8 was pretty good for around here so I got on up and enjoyed some more silence. Then I talked to my Mother-in-law for an hour. Then I surfed the web for an hour. Then I watched another movie......all the while cleaning here and there as the mood struck.

The boys didn't return until about 3 on Saturday and I've decided that 20-24 hours of peace is the perfect amount of time for refreshment. Any less and you feel cheated. Any more and you get so used to it that your children just annoy you when they get home. As it was, I was glad when everyone got back.

Todd got to preach Sunday morning, which I always love. He did a great job and the worship minister had even written a song. I don't know if it's appropriate to say "he wrote it to go with the sermon" but he was inspired by their conversations about what Todd was going to say and how communion was going to be approached and the song was really amazing. We sang it twice during worship. I won't transcribe the sermon here or anything but it was about "speaking words of life" instead of "speaking words of death" to one another. He spoke some out of Isaiah 6 when Isaiah was mortified when he realized how unclean his lips were. We approached communion as our way of participating in the sacrifice.....instead of the hot coals we take in the cleans our lips and now we can say "send me" and can speak the "words of life" to each other.

O.K. Maybe I transcribed it some, but it was pretty great.

My parents and sis and nephews had come to church so we all went to eat Mexican. On our way home, the boys and I went by the Elliots' and swapped kids again. This time Ike stayed there and David came home with us.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. The kind I like.

One more week of school! They get out early Thursday so we're down to 2.5 days!!!!!

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