Monday, May 01, 2006

My sick baby.

Isaac is sick today. He started complaining yesterday about his throat hurting and his head hurting and his tummy hurting. Because we all have the snuffles, I explained all about allergies and how they make you feel bad. I gave him some Benedryl and he fell asleep in the chair. As I moved him to bed, however, I noticed his temp. He was on fire! Bless his baby heart. 103.2
We sent Daddy for medicine but it was a rough night. He threw up for the first time since he was a baby and he DID NOT like it. "Mommy, why is this happening to me?" Sick babies break my heart. He is, however, very compliant and sweet. He may be my easiest "sicky" of them all. He isn't even whining.....which for Isaac means he really doesn't feel well.
We'll be missing both of our social appointments today and heading in for a doctor's appointment instead. I'm guessing strep. I'll let you know. Posted by Picasa

addendum: Yes, it is strep....really bad strep. A few days of amoxicillin and lots of motrin should have him feeling all better.


Anonymous said...

As long as no one was throwing up I didn't mind if my kids were sick. That was the only time they were quiet and still....except for Ellen. She's mean when she's sick!

Stephanie T. said...

Hey! I will pray for Isaac, and hope that he does get to feeling better. With love, steph