Thursday, May 11, 2006


I promised I'd write more later about our trip. It really was fun. We got to spend time with people we've been missing and the art festival was a blast. I had 3 volunteers at my booth helping folks participate in the art work so I got to paint all day (which was the original idea, it just didn't work out that way last year). The boys and Todd hung out together all day and then we had a family picnic with the Coyles and the Herzogs there at Shakespeare park after Flimp was over. We were all exhausted by the end of the day!
I only sold one painting but I really wasn't expecting to sell there. People come to Flimp to have fun, not to buy art. It was o.k., mostly because I was expecting it but also because the museum pays an "honorarium" to all the participating artists.....which almost covered gas there and back.
The trip home was painfully long but we made it early in the evening Monday and had plenty of time to gear up for the rest of the week....a week I'm looking forward to ending here soon. I think this time of year may be even busier than Christmas with all the end of school field trips and activities. It's nuts!

Did I mention that I've started a secondary blog? It's where I plan to post my paintings as they progress. The address is over there in the side bar. I just posted a Picasso I've finished. I'm exploring other art styles. Impressionism is getting old and even though my Dad's tulip painting drew the most interest at Flimp, I don't think pointelism is for me. Maybe I'll go cubist next, who knows?

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