Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How did you spend your Memorial Weekend?

Here's mine.

Friday: Bob Smiley does Comedy at Coffee House

Saturday: Hangin' out at Grandma's

Sunday: Todd preaches and then fixes van (with Jimmy and Bruce)

No picture available. :-(

Monday: Making waves at Alicia's house in Ennis

So here's the detailed report:
The kids were set free on Thursday and Hunter had a friend spend the night. Friday afternoon Ike and Josiah went to Grandma's to spend the night while Todd, Hunter and I went to the first Coffee House of the summer at the teen house at church. The "opening act" for the summer was Bob Smiley, christian comedian/Todd's roomate from our freshman year at ACU. He was awesome!!! Too bad only 10 people showed up. So many missed out on a great show! (It was good to see Bob anyway, regardless of lack of crowds)
Saturday Hunter and I headed to Grandma's to pick up the brothers and we hung out there for the afternoon so Dad could prepare his sermon. Saturday night we had dinner with one of our elders and his family....which was really enjoyable (seriously, it really was fun).
Sunday morning Todd preached both services again....I don't even have to mention how I feel about that :-D. My Mom and Sister and nephews came again and this time Todd's Mom and Step-Dad came too. After church we went out to eat with Todd's family and then headed to the house. Todd and Jimmy (the aforementioned step-dad) went and towed our van home from the parking lot in which it had refused to start Thursday and then we hung out for hours and hours just visiting.....until they decided to start work on the van.
Todd and Jimmy worked on the van for hours and hours until Bruce Painter (another one of our elders) came to help. A while after that Jimmy had to leave (it was late and they live an hour and a half away!). They took Isaac with them. Todd and Bruce finished up in the dark......which was a bad idea. I'll tell you why later.
Monday morning is a blur in my memory but I know that we headed out around 11 for Todd's sister's in Ennis for a backyard barbeque/swim/party extravaganza. It was fun......even though we counted 12 kids at one point. Alicia even managed to push Todd into the pool (photos later).We left Ennis and headed back to my Mom's for a bit, left Hunter to spend the night, then came home and crashed.
Yesterday is also a bit of a blur but I know Todd bought a scooter yesterday (again, photos later). I am very glad he did. Firstly because it will save us quite a bit of gas money and secondly because my van was blowing gas out the bottom today (see: do not re-attach gas tank in dark) and I could drive Todd's truck without any inconvenience to anyone.
Today was Wednesday. I dread Wednesdays. It just all adds up on Wednesdays. But it's over now and I survived and Hunter is spending the night with a friend and Todd's home and I even got to blog.

Anyway, it was a really fun weekend. I hope yours was too.

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