Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Post

I forgot to mention yesterday that there are some new pictures up on my other blog:

My van wouldn't start again today. This is two times in one week and both times have been after grocery shopping. Is my van allergic to groceries? Two different stores. Two different towns. We think it's the fuel pump going out. The mechanic couldn't find anyting wrong (of course) but said that Chevy fuel pumps will just do that as they near the end of their lives. We're hoping it's just the filter. Whatever it is, I'm sticking closer to home until we get it figured out.

This should be easier now that school's out!!!!!!!!! Hooray for summer! This is the first summer I've actually been excited about it. Maybe it's because Josiah is doing so well that I can actually imagine us having fun all together at least part of the time. Can't wait!

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