Friday, May 26, 2006

Because I'm a Mom

This blog is for me. It probably won't mean much to you, but I wanted to remember.....

Josiah's thing lately has been to climb into my lap (he's 9, so he has a definite presence in my lap), to curl up all sweetly and say,

"Kiss me, I'm not Irish. I'm so sweeeeet."
Then I, of course, am supposed to kiss him on the cheek. I was laughing about it while he was in my lap at the computer this morning and he said,
"Don't laugh at me."
I said, "I'm laughing because you're so cute."
"O.K." He said.
Then I told him he was a "Silly Booger-Toot"
and he said, "Don't call me a burger-toot."
"Burger toot?"I asked.
"Booger-toot," he corrected.
"Can I call you burger-toot then?"
"No. You can call me great."

I laughed pretty hard....mostly from the joy of the moment.

Todd's routine with Josiah in the mornings has been to ask him on his way to the bus,
"Are you gonna have a great day?"
Josiah replies, "Yes,"
and Todd asks, "Do you know why?"
Josiah seldom answers that one because he knows what's coming.
"Because you're a great kid!"
Then Josiah gets on the bus.

Apparently he's been listening.

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