Friday, August 22, 2008

So far so......somethin'

O.K. So today is "Practice Day" where the 6th graders go to each of their classes for just a few minutes to find where they are and learn to work their lockers and all that.The Right Reverend leaves 30 minutes before time to go get a Diet Coke at the gas station, half a block from see where this is going?.....

He gets back out to the truck and it will. not. start. While he's fiddling with it trying to get it started, a lady hits the tow/carrier dealy on his truck and digs a big gouge in her car. Seriously? At least she didn't hurt him or incur any police action. Arg!!!

He tries for 15 or 20 minutes to start it, even trying to jump it, and eventually just walks home, quietly gets the van keys and tells Josiah to wait out front and he'll pick him up like a limousine (so he won't notice the truck missing and panic). God love that man.

They still somehow managed to arrive at the school too early and had to go in search of someone who knew what to do with my baby. Found. Delivered.

Now the waiting without a clue how he's doing begins.

I'm not a basket case. Really I'm not.

More news later.......

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Anonymous said...

I have been praying for Both of you today. Give Josiah a hug from Mr. Mike, Mrs. Carol, and Jack.

Love Ya'll
Carol Esco