Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Magical Day

Today was a magical day. We didn't plan for it to be and nothing earth-shattering happened to us, it was just little bits of "magical" sprinkled all through the day.

It actually started yesterday when we headed to Virginia Beach, but I'll tell you all about that later. For now I want to tell you about today.

First thing we did today after leaving our hotel and eating at McDonald's was to drive to Portsmouth, Virginia to the Navy Medical Center Portsmouth to see our dear friend Bob take command there. Dr. Bob put on Admiral yesterday and today he took command of NMCP and also Navy Medical East. It's a big, freaking deal folks. Huge. And the ceremony was....well, ceremonious. And pretty cool. (As is Bob and Geraldine's new house, btw.) And seeing good friends being made into big, freaking deals is magic.

After watching, congratulating and hugging our friends we headed to First Landing State Park. The beach there is alright, pretty nice actually as beaches go, but the magical part was the dolphins. We saw dolphins! I even got video but I'm too tired to upload it. You'll have to just believe me for now. We weren't "swimming with dolphins" or anything but it was totally unexpected and really magical.

We stayed at the beach (it was our second day at a beach, remember) until we couldn't stand it anymore and then headed home. Then, about half an hour out from our house, right there on the Beltway, I saw a shooting star! It caught me by surprise and it was magical. Totally magical.

Then when we got home, there was a package from Grandma (my Mom) that was as tall as Isaac! It contained fishing rods, which we had left at Mom's in July, and a few other fun things, including a GORGEOUS quilt she made for Hunter and a pillow case she made for Josiah. The case has minky fabric around the trim so it feels really nice but Josiah only wants it for the smell. It smells just like Grandma's house! He's asleep with his face buried in it. We all know, expected or not, packages from Grandma are always magical.

We arrived home at about 10:30, unloaded the van, dropped everything in the living room, stumbled upstairs (after opening the magical package, of course) and fell into our beds. The only reason I'm blogging right now instead of sleeping is that I didn't want to forget anything. Some days are just too magical to let slip past without documenting them, ya know?

Thank you God for magical days when we see your fingerprints more clearly.

Pictures later.


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