Monday, January 28, 2008

Just say, "No".

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, they are building a "McMansion" next door. A "mansion in a box". A huge house on every square inch of available property. This has had many frustrations, not the least of which is the racket of power tools early on Saturdays and the rumbling of our house caused by backhoes and bulldozers and they dig, fill and re-dig the drainage.
Sometimes what they do is downright putting in the steel i-beams by me, it was scary.


They're covering the eves. Two poles, a ladder in between, attached to the house with bolts. Not two poles at each end. Two poles. Period. At the back of the house, that extra pole is from scaffolding at the back of the house. Which was rocking violently this morning as a guy walked across it. 8^0

See the guy hammering on the support down on the ground? While the other guy is up on the scaffolding?

Some things I do not want to know. The sound a man makes when falling that distance is one of those things. I really hope to live my whole life never knowing that sound. And I hope that guy gets paid well.....or at least has good benefits.

And, yes, that's snow. It's been there for about 11 days now. It's cold.

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