Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Acting Debut

Josiah will be in his first play tomorrow. O.K., not really his first, I mean there were many church pagents and 3rd grade choir-type things but this is his first time as a major character. He'll be Lewis and Clark's dog. His lines are few and simple, but he's in the whole play and even has a musical number. I'm not nervous. No. Really. Yet. That'll come tomorrow morning before the first performance at 9:15. Part of me really hates that his grandparents can't be there. The other part is glad they won't have to deal with the stress. They can just watch the video after they know it's all gone well.
Even if it's a disaster, I'm so proud of him! And if it is a disaster, what a great story it'll make!

Meanwhile, say a little prayer for us tomorrow.

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