Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Story

So here's the deal. Remember that knitting group I joined a few weeks ago? I finally got to meet up with a few of the gals at a local coffee shop the other night and I really had a great time. Turns out a few of them were getting together today to try their hands at dying their own yarn and I got invited. It was a total blast! We used all manor of dying techniques....none of them commercial. We had Kool-Aid, Easter Egg dyes, tie-die kits and I think a cake dye or two I'm not sure.
Most of the ladies met for lunch and went to a local yarn shop to buy some undyed yarn to use. I had no such need. I felt like the queen of thrift with my home-made "niddy-noddy" and my $.25 (yes, CENTS) aran sweater, made in Ireland of undyed wool, that I had "unmade" in Keller the day before. I had tons of wonderful yarn to play with as I pleased without having to worry about how it turned out....since it was so cheap!
You saw in the last post how my yarn turned out. I'm very happy. I've also learned that I prefer Kool-Aid for dying to the others. It's looking now like it takes to the yarn and stays there better than easter egg dye or even tie dye sometimes. Some of the ladies got some truly yummy colors and I'm mad at myself for not taking pictures of them but a good time was had by all!

It occured to me at some point while getting ready to leave that the clothes I wouldn't mind dying in are the same clothes I normally wouldn't be caught dead in. Funny how that works out.

And when you are dying your own yarn (cause I know you will), and someone offers you latex gloves..............
think long and hard before turning them down. (this pic was taken after quite a bit of the color had worn off)

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