Monday, February 12, 2007

More Pictures

I've posted my pictures of the yarn and the yarn-dying and also a swatch of the "earth tones" that I worked up at:

And for those of you who do not read my blog for knitting stories:

Hunter has started Roller Hockey. It's his first foray into organized sports and at the ripe old age of 11, I was a bit worried about him. In true Hunter fashion, however, he is just skimming along and enjoying it. He has had one practice so far and will have one more (2 whole practices in his whole life) before their first game on Saturday.
I'm not worried.
Not a bit.

Josiah is also in process to ride horses again. We've turned in all the paperwork and are now waiting on the financial aid process. Todd will be working with the organization some helping with advertisement and brochure lay outs so maybe that'll help some too. He's excited about it.

So far we've not ventured into the world of pee-wee sports for Isaac. I'm thinking that his brothers turned out just fine without it......

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