Monday, February 26, 2007

Gentle Breezes......

So, we had a bit of wind here on Saturday. As in completely insane wind, to the tune of 60 mph gusts on a pretty regular basis. And the most fun? The dirt. Most of West Texas blew in with that wind. I think I still have some in my teeth.

And me? Did I stay home like a good little momma whose hubby was out of town? No. Hunter's game was cancelled because it was supposed to rain (it didn't) so I packed up my kids and drove the hour and twenty to Ennis to visit the in-laws. Actually, it took an hour forty-five this time. And I almost collapsed when I arrived from sheer exhaustion. Not my smartest move. But, I had told the kids we were going, and there was BBQ waiting for us! Whattya gonna do?

So here's the lovely Arlington skyline. Or at least, where it was supposed to be.

I took this pic to show the color difference between what was hit by the wind and what wasn't. The white side of that bridge support isn't just white because the light is different. The rest of it is covered in dirt. It was surreal. The sky was orange and somehow everything with a reflective surface shone with an irridescent blue.

Speaking of lights....I'm thinking this is why our clocks were all blinking when we got home that night:

it's right across the street from us. They fixed it today but we only lost power for a few minutes on Saturday from what I can tell. Which is a bit scary when you think about it.

Meanwhile. The skies are blue now but we are all still hacking and wheezing as our bodies try to deal with the aftermath of all this. Fun stuff. Almost like a dirt hurricane.

O.K. maybe not.

Here's the news story about it:

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my childhood! After the storms there were little piles of sandy dirt under the windows.

Isn't it just beyond amazing that you can't SEE wind, but look what it can do!! Multiply that 60 mph by 3, add lots of water, and you've got the supertyphoon on Guam. Honestly, I'm glad to have had the experience. What great stories!! 8^)