Thursday, November 30, 2006

Warm?....not so much.

Yesterday at about this time it was almost 80 degrees out. Today....not so much. Our house holds it's heat really, really well. it's 28 out right now and our heater isn't running. It hasn't most of the day. It's still warm from yesterday. In the summer, this is a problem, this time of year it's great.
We have frozen rain accumulated everywhere and it looks like snow. It's about as close as we get around here. My kids are still in school. We are one of the few districts that didn't close early. Nuts, man. Todd's going now to get the kids. Soon we'll all be home and warm and here we will stay.

Currently in Keller, TX (76248)
Severe Weather Alert
Cloudy and Windy
28°F Feels Like14°F
Dew Point:
30.16 inches
From the Northwest at 24 gusting to 33 mph

Wishing we had a fireplace.....

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