Thursday, December 14, 2006

Some things you should know...

First and foremost, Christmas is a crazy, crazy season. I always think it won't be, but it always is. Family parties, church parties, school parties, recitals, concerts, programs, shopping, anniversary......all of it.

And then there's job hunting thrown in. Here's the second thing you should know: Todd has been offered a job at a church in Ft. Worth and we're going to Bowie this weekend to see if the church there is interested in us as well. It is an interesting time for us. I'll try to tell you more about the details next year or something when things settle down.

Thirdly you should know that my kids are adorable. Every program, concert or party is an absolute hoot. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Fourthly, the weather is no longer cold. In fact, it is STOOPID warm (to coin a phrase). In the 70's all week. I adore it. Todd would prefer colder weather. I, myself, am perfectly content. It's not too, too hot for sweaters but not so cold that you can't visit outside in the parking lot after a get-together. Good stuff.

And lastly, you should know that there really are tumble weeds in West Texas. They don't usually leave an oil spot like this one but they do roll around out there on the praries, highways and parking lots. WalMart really does have everything. Even in Snyder.

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I'll try to do better with blogs after school gets out for break next week. No promises though.

Love ya'll!!!

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