Sunday, November 12, 2006


Well, today we went to Bowie, Texas. Todd preached for a small Disciples of Christ church there which is looking for a pulpit minister. It was pretty fun and Bowie is a cute little town. It reminded me alot of Fairfield (where we used to live, once upon another lifetime).
The church there is seriously small. Our family of 5 raised the attendence by 25% today. It is also definitely aging. Nonetheless, it was a very nice church and we had a really nice day.

There's a good-sized park in town that we promised the boys to stop by on our way out of town so after lunch we headed over for some fun. It was an educational experience....for Hunter anyway.

He learned that doing tricks on the horsey-merry-go-round can be......

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Fun day. Fun trip.


Geraldine said...

You're all wearing long sleeves! It looks strange to me...I've been here too long for sure!

I like the blue!


Teresa said...

Yeah. It's a nice sweater. Todd had to look like a "preacher" so he had to run and buy the sweater Saturday night....since his green one hadn't been washed by his lazy wife.