Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Look Out!

This is Justin and his dad, Steve. Justin is Isaac's BFF. Every week they spend at least one day at one another's homes....and by that I mean one day at ours and one day at theirs. Steve rides his bike to and from DC and occasionally runs a little late. He'll call and ask me to stay with the boys on the playground a little while until he can get there. No problem. The kids love getting extra time together. That's why I was taken aback by the call I got today.
Steve called just as I was headed to the school and said, "Can you get Justin today, I'm gonna be late."
That's when I heard the sirens in the background.
"You hear the sirens?"
yes, I did,
"They're coming for me. I just got hit by a car."
"You alright?"
"Yeah. Just bruised up. I'll be a little late."
No kidding!
"No problem. We'll take him home with us. Call us if you need anything."

There ya go. Steve really is fine. Just one scrape on his knee, a great story about tucking and rolling over a lady's hood and probably some serious trouble moving tomorrow...though he'll never admit it.

Apparently this happens frequently in Bethesda. I hear stories about friends of friends getting hit more than I am comfortable with. I'm thinking I may not let Hunter ride his bike to High School. What do you think? Should I get him stunt lessons and set him loose? I'm not even gonna think about Todd out there on his scooter. 8^o

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Rosie said...

A lot of my cyclist friends get hit by cars a lot. It's just a way of life for them - biking in a big city. :-/ I'm glad Steve is ok.