Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We had a great day yesterday! Everything turned out beautifully. And even though there are no shots of the full table, Todd was so inspired that he made a short video:

You'll see me dressed up, pearls and all. I was channeling my inner June worked! Everything was yummy, everyone was happy and the guests left with food in hand...and none of them had to help with dishes.

(Only the Chihuahua is ours. The other two dogs are visiting for the week. They keep us on our toes, let me tell you.)

Today we did a little shopping. Mostly because we promised the boys we'd trim the tree today and we didn't have one. Slight oversight on our part. We went after lunch so the crowds were much thinned and we all survived. We came home and busted out the new tree. Again, Todd was inspired to make a video. Hopefully that one will be posted soon.

Enjoy! And "You're Welcome" for getting the song stuck in your head. :-)

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