Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dear Friends

Hi out there to everybody (anybody?) who has wondered where I am. We're in the midst of our move right now and I'm taking lots of pictures. We're about half-way through a long, drawn-out process and I'm ready to be all in. Todd and I drove the U-Haul out last week and are still in Maryland getting things together for school etc. We can't unpack our boxes because they are painting the house so we are truly in limbo. We fly back to Texas tonight to get our kids and start the 3 day drive back with them on Thursday. I am so ready to have my kids here and start life!
See ya soon, with pics.

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eduininck said...

Glad all is going as planned with your move. Also happy you are loving your new town! Most of us take a little longer to feel that way. If you love it, it will be catchy to your kids and all will go well for them too. Mom's attitude rubs off on every one in the house.
God bless! Eunice