Friday, August 24, 2007

National Zoo

Just a few more days until school so we're trying to get in all the wonderful things we promised our children when we announced we were dragging them half-way across the country to live somewhere they'd never seen. One of those wonderful things was the zoo. Another was the Metro. This week we walked down to the Metro and rode it to the Zoo....well, we rode it to within a few blocks of the zoo then walked to the zoo....then walked around the zoo....then walked to McDonalds....then walked back to the zoo....then walked most of the zoo some more.....then walked back to the Metro. We rode the trolley home from the Metro after that. We were some seriously tired folk afterward but it really was an amazing day. It was overcast and so cool that I wore my sweatshirt most of the day. In August! How crazy is that?

Here are some shots:

This one is for my Mom. She loves cheetahs.

This is a fun one. They put hay on the other side of this scale so the elephant will periodically wander onto it to snack...and voila! we get to see how much it weighs. Ingenious. I'm seriously hoping no one puts one in front of my fridge.

This was one of my favorite zoo creatures. I dig Rays anyway but this one had bright orange dots!

We had to get the kids stoked on sugar before attempting the long hike out of the zoo and to the Metro.

It was a great day! My legs still hurt, but that's good for me, right?
Tomorrow, the beach! After that I have to sew an Obi Wan Kenobi suit and then I think I'm done with all the promises I made pre-move. I hope.

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