Saturday, July 14, 2007

The healing power of luuuuuuv.

Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks. We're packing for our move and trying to visit all our relatives at the same time. Not good. We went to my grandmother's in Kansas this last week and I'll post more about that later but last weekend we were supposed to go to Snyder to hang out with Todd's Dad and family. That was before my Brother-in-Law ended up at the hospital for the 2nd time. He had been TO the hospital for antibiotics and a steroid prescription and later the next week ended up IN the hospital for IV antibiotics and pain control.

Can I just take this moment to say: "If your tooth hurts really bad for a really long time........go to the freakin' dentist people!!!!!" Your teeth can kill you if you don't take care of them. My BIL's abscessed tooth spread infection into his lymph system. He ended up having surgery to drain the infection from his neck. Yeah. ew.

He's fine now. Seriously. That was last weekend and this weekend he was here in town playing foosball like a nut at Hunter's b-day party. (Happy Birthday Hunter, by the way!!!) What happened is this: We drove down to Waxahachie to see him in the hospital (hence, no trip to Snyder) and brought with us a bag of entertaining goodies for the hospital and a balloon and a get well card. We informed the boys that we were going down to see Uncle Shawn and tell him to get better soon. Josiah took this literally. He marched into that hospital room and took one look at his Uncle all strung up with IV's and sporting a huge bandage on his neck and told him we had come to help him get better. See? The balloon even said it.

"Prepare to be healed!" he announced. "This is a card to help you feel better." He then proceeded to empty the bag of goodies one goody at a time. "This is going to make you better and this will help you feel better and these taste good and will help you get well. This is Silly Putty. Is it your favorite? It will make you all better!" ....and so on until the bag was empty. Then he hugged him and got up and headed down the hall (we had to go get him and bring him back). There were several eyes filled with tears but it gets better. When we walked in Shawn was vaguely coherent and fighting a high fever. By the time Josiah finished he sat up and gave him a hug. By the time we left the room (about 10 minutes later) the fever was gone. Within 2 hours he was eating and the next day he went home from the hospital.

Whatever your feelings about timing/coincidence/miracles it was a sweet, sweet family moment that I don't think we'll ever forget. Not because the fever broke, but because of the sheer sweetness of an autistic little boy.

The point? Be sweet to people. You never know what personal ailments you may heal them of.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the faith of a child....

GREAT story, thanks for sharing.

Liz G. said...

Amen, Ronda! Teresa, your boys are so special - but then, I know you know that!

It's amazing how grown-ups can have all of the faith in the world and not utilize it to the extent that a child can. We wring our hands and pray and hope - those kids just speak it with pure belief!

Knitting Rose said...

I don't believe this is a coincidence. I do believe it was a miracle. Pure faith is hard to beat. And a child's faith is the most pure. Thank you for sharing this. I am awed by the power of prayer and think this is wonderful.