Friday, June 09, 2006


I am feeling seriously overwhelmed right now. I know that journaling is therapeutic so I'm gonna just write everything down that has added up to make this feeling of anxiousness that I can not seem to shake.

I don't need answers or advice and there's really nothing to be done about most of it. I don't want anyone to fix anything. I just need to put it all down and take a good look at it all so I understand myself a little better.

1. My van's not running.
2. My husband's leaving town tomorrow for a 7 day trek.
3. Some bees have made a hive by my front door.
4. Hunter has 8 days left to finish memorizing 4 seperate plays, 3 acts each (he only had 2 weeks to do it in the first place.)
5. I have to make costumes for VBS in that same amount of time and I have no clue what I'm doing.
6. I have 7 more chapters to re-read and check for a book edit that should have been finished about a year ago.
7. Josiah has picked up a new "tick". Besides making noises constantly because of sinus drainage, he is also shaking his head and blinking hard, like he's trying to clear his head, continuously....i.e. every 10-20 seconds or so.....I have no idea who to even ask about it.
8. My cousin was killed yesterday when the truck he was working on fell on him.
9. I can not go to the funeral in Southern Louisiana next week unless I somehow find a way to finish everything I'm supposed to have done and leave all three of my kids with someone for a few days.....not likely.....on either count.
10. I am teaching Jr. High on Sunday mornings (30 of them) by myself and I'm teaching 2-3 year olds on Wednesday nights (thankfully, not by myself).
11. I am suppposed to read 3 chapters a week out of Love and Respect for a Friday morning Bible study.
12. My house is, once again, an abyss of laundry and toys and trash (though my sink is clean).

Any one or two of these things, or even 5 or 6, would be perfectly fine, especially since most of them are no big deal in and of themselves. It's just those few majors thrown into it all that I think are making it harder for me to deal.

Quite honestly, without VBS this would all be o.k. I guess that's my straw. I also realize that it's too late to do anything about that. I'll just have to limp my broken camel back on through it all.

Maybe the key now that I've figured that out is to just get those costumes out of the way this weekend and be done with that part of it. We'll have to stick it out on Hunter's lines for the plays, but he's amazed me at how fast he's learned it so far.......I just have to trust him to keep on amazing me.

And pray for peace that passes understanding...........and boundless energy........and loving patience............and miraculous sewing skills.

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Anonymous said...

It's okay to ask for help! Call in some reinforcements if you can. And next year it'll be something else & you won't be worried about any of this...ha!