Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I think I'm recovering now. Everything is falling into place as the week progresses. I promise you I knew it would, it was just that mean time.

Anyway. Josiah is much better this week (no "ticks").
Hunter has 2.25 of his 4 scripts down pat.
All costumes but 2 are complete and laying out neatly in a room at church.
I looked online and found out how to "treat" the bees living in my garden. (It looks like it snowed in my yard. Hopefully they won't be around tomorrow.)
Jr. High class went relatively smoothly Sunday morning.
I asked the children's minister for Wednesday night off so I can finish up costumes.
Bruce and Chris came over tonight and fixed my van!!!...and Ginger even came and visited with me while they did it!
I'm making real and steady progress on the book edit.
I actually did some laundry and picked up my living room today after a completely useless but rejuvinating "lazy day" yesterday.

The "car repair shop" didn't shut down in my drive way until almost 11 tonight so I've decided to forgo the movie night I kept promising myself as I slogged through my chores today. I'm rather proud of myself for that.......for knowing that I should sleep instead of watching Alias episodes until 3am.

Now if I can just quit blogging........

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