Monday, March 02, 2009

Blizzard Report

So this is my official Blizzard Report.  When my mother-in-law told me they were calling this snow a blizzard, I smiled.  There is a lot of snow, for us, but not hardly enough to be called a blizzard.  Then I went outside and became enlightened.  "Blizzard" is more about the wind than the snow.  That wind is nuts!
Here's the rest of my report:

The snow is deep-ish.  Probably 4-5 inches, up to 6-7 in some parts of the yard.  The snow is also very powdery, which I'm sure is great for skiing but stinks for snowman making and/or sledding.  We can't get the sleds to go for nuthin'.  The wind is miserable but it makes the snow in the air sparkle like glitter falling.  It's quite beautiful . . . if you're looking at it from your living room window.  The boys are still outside but Mom gave up after about 5 minutes of trying to sled then trying to form a snowball then trying to walk around in blinding wind.  I announced to them:
"It is my professional opinion that this snow sucks.  The wind sucks.  The cold sucks.  I'm going in."
I'm sure that makes me a terrible mom.  I'll take up a collection for their therapy at a later date.

Meanwhile, I'm toasty in my house watching the poor doves shiver on the branches.  Not a good day to be a bird.

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