Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice baby

Don't you just love 7 year olds? They're so full of energy and the desire to prove themselves useful. It's a handy way to get a clear sidewalk.
I tried to make a looping slide show that would show Isaac in action on that walk, but I think my free Google Picasa ap' is just not adequate for the job. That's o.k. I still love Picasa. You can live with a measly little movie-ette can't you? 

 The last shot is from this morning.  All that "snow" is actually ice, with maybe a little snow underneath.  My chihuahua was NOT amused.  I, on the other hand, got a good laugh out of the whole thing.  I did not take pictures of the event. Sorry.  :-) 

Today was a late start for school. Since Monday was a teacher workday and we've been out for 2 days due to weather, my kids will get a grand total of 1.5 days of school this week. Next week is going to be a harsh dose of reality for all of us I'm afraid.
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