Sunday, September 21, 2008


You know how sometimes when you google something you get all these web sites and every one you click on just seems to be a link to a list of links which will take you to another list of links which will supposedly eventually take you to information on....well, whatever? I hate that. I am, however, redirecting you.

Some pretty good stuff has been posted lately on the web about the elections and current policital climate and I'd like you to read it.

It's found here and I'll give you some teasers from the two posts I'd like you to read.

From Sometimes Jesus Does Drive an SUV... :

I’ve seen that sometimes Jesus does drive an SUV.

Sometimes he drives a hybrid or even rides the bus.

He’s also been known to ride her bike to work.

Sometimes Jesus has her hands so full just trying to pay bills and raise a couple of strong-willed kids that she really doesn’t have time to think too much about the big, global questions out there.

and from Why I Probably Won't Vote for McCain or Obama.... :

And talk about a mess… I heard an author underscoring a good point just a couple of days ago: we have four people, all very admirable and diverse in their public service, all claiming to be followers of Christ, and all of them divided into teams bent on the ridicule, defeat and public destruction of the other. Nice! If only all the Christians could rip each other like that! Oh wait…
.....I listen to both sides, and they both say the same things! The other side is bad, evil, racist, stupid, elitist, ignorant, liars. The other side wants to kill children, neglect the elderly and wreck the economy. And both sides think I’m a fresh cucumber who will just nod and chuckle and be so grateful they’ve enlightened me. I switch channels back and forth on the radio and the only thing that changes is who is doing the talking.

*Sigh* So, here are my party platforms as they currently stand…

No, it's not all a big downer. It is, however, quite thought provoking. Don't let the fact that I sleep with the author sway you. It is worth reading. If nothing else it'll give you something to rant about at the office tomorrow.

Once again, here's the address:

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