Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Brief Encounter

My Dad forwarded me an email. It's a picture of a woman in Gardendale, AL at a Flea Market outside of Wal-Mart. Come on. Does it get any more redneck than that? I'm not knockin' it. I love me some Flea Markets and I really, really miss Wal-Mart. (Bethesda is too pretentious for Wal Mart....and we don't have the space for one.)
This, however, is taking it to a whole new level:

As the email said, "Who looks at a pair of men's briefs and says...hummmm....I can make a nice summer top from these!"?

And don't say, "Teresa," 'cause that's just tacky!!!
........would the boxer-briefs have sleeves?



Eunice said...

What do you think it looks like from the front? Ugg.

Kat said...