Monday, June 04, 2007

Mooooovin' on

So. First it's very, very important that you realize that this is not officially official yet. No papers have been signed and final negotiations are not complete. However:
We have been offered the job in Maryland!!!! We are so excited! It's manifesting itself in a tendency to lay around and look dazed. All the little pieces are falling into place, including health benefits for the whole family.


Here's a pic of the church building. Well, a bit of it. You should Google Earth it.

(the two guys behind the sign with the umbrella are grilling for our BBQ potluck)

Wilson Ln, Bethesda, MD

Here too is a pic of the house next door, which we may very well be living in by this fall!!!

(I understand that you're not supposed to post things like that online, however, if I tell you we're gonna be in the parsonage how hard would it be to figure it out?)

We are unspeakably excited about this church. Pray a quick prayer of praise for us if you think about it.


Natala said...

wow, that looks like a really AWESOME place. ;)

jan fox said...

HMMMMMM... SOME VERY LUCKY FOLKS IN BETHESDA!!!!! I am sure they will love you to death and I'm sure they can't wait til you move on up! jan