Monday, June 25, 2007

The Flood

One week ago today we had a major storm in the night. MAJOR storm. Non-stop thunder, continuous lightening and loud, loud rain. When we got up the next morning (with 2 extra kids in our bed) we saw that all was well and assumed that nothing had happened in Keller, as is usually the case. We were wrong. No one's house blew up and no one died here in Keller but there was definitely some serious flooding.
I took these shots while we were driving down the street that crosses a few blocks from our house. There is a mild little creek that flows low and slow along that street. It apparently broke free and had a good ol' time that night.

Someone got swept off the road. NEVER drive into high water, people!

This bridge normally sits so high above water level that you could fit a good sized (albeit narrow) house under it.

I believe that is the side-rail for the covered bridge up the street.

All fences, city-owned or private, wrought iron or white picket, were at least partially knocked down by this torrent.

Part of me really wishes we could have seen this, but most of me is really glad we didn't.

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Geraldine said...

No matter how scary or distructive, nature is AWESOME!! There is a certain level of excitement with being in a storm. Have you noticed that?