Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I know

I know I haven't written much, but I have been thinking about you. Really I have. I took all sorts of pictures to show you. Turns out most are just variations on a theme so I'll show you the highlights.

This is a bit of the hail that fell into our yard last Friday. We didn't get a whole lot and it was small. Mom and many others got 3" hail and everyone on Mom's block lost at least one skylight. One family on their block lost all of their West-facing windows. Considering that a tornado touched down in Fort Worth, they were lucky. We were seriously spared. The worst we faced was Whataburger not being able to run our card to pay for dinner. Todd had to go back later and pay cash. Yes, they let him take the food on a promise of future payment. I LOVE living in a small town!

This is Hunter playing goalie again. His team has been doing really well and he is continuing to get better and better. He's making a great block in this picture!

This is a "sock bug" I sewed to keep my socks-in-progress ready to travel. It's a blatant copy of someone else's but it turned out cute....and I won't be selling it or anything. For the whole story, check my knitting blog....if you're into that kind of thing. ;-)

Talk to ya'll later!

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Paige said...

Great ladybug sock thingy!