Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter!!!

We did the Easter thing at our house this year. Since Isaac's b-day is this week and all of Todd's family was headed up to see him, we just went ahead and did the whole holiday thing all at once. All of Todd's local family came and even the Vogts (good friends from New Orleans) got to come!

About 20 people. 10 of them kids. What do you do? You plan lots of outside activties, right? Yeah. It's a great idea until it SNOWS!!! Yup. We had flurries off and on through most of the day. Whatever!

It all turned out these things usually do. We had good food and a fun visit. Later on that evening my family came over. It wasn't purposeful segregation, it just worked out that way. My mom and aunt were down South looking at wildflowers and didn't get back into town until later in the afternoon. My cousin came into town to see my aunt so they all came over for dinner. It worked out nicely. I only had to clean house once and most of what we ate was left over from earlier. How's that for serendipity?

And since my house is already fairly clean, we'll be having company again tomorrow night. Work it, girl!!

I pray your Easter is blessed. It was a bit anti-climactic for us as our big celebration was yesterday. The first thing Josiah whispered to me this morning was, "Mom, the light's on in the living room. Did the Easter Bunny come?"

Oops. No. The Easter Bunny actually forgot to come. We were so tied up in getting things together yesterday that we didn't even think about the family traditions of Easter. The Easter Bunny wasn't here. It was just Todd playing the Nintendo. Just so you know, our kids are not permanently scarred. There was enough swag yesterday that they are well and truly sated.

And today, for Easter lunch, we had Taco Bueno.

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