Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Broke

That's what the green shirt Todd bought me for St. Patty's Day said. I love it!

We did the West Texas thing for Spring Break. Hunter did Houston with his grandma first then we did the zoo and then we packed up and headed West. We spent a night at Abilene State Park and were blindsided by a cold snap. There are a few words to describe being that cold and having to sleep on a cement slab....but I can't put them here. Otherwise, it was actually fun. We headed from there to Snyder to see Todd's family and to experience the inaugural shoot of the Snyder Single Action Shooting Society....called something special but it's not coming to me right now. Also fun (the youngest 2 and I hung out at the house till the shooting part was over).

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

This is the one, single, only reason we went camping. So Josiah could fish.

No he didn't catch anything. That wasn't the point.

Um, isn't that cheating?

You know, we ain't really "cow-folk" here at our house but I must say, my hubby looks pretty dang good in a cowboy hat.

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