Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy Birthday.... Todd!!!!

I managed to finish Todd's birthday socks today. He'll get to wear them tomorrow to church. I'm rather proud of them. They're soft and fit him well. Yay!

He knew the socks were coming but this is a bag I started for him ages ago. He's been complaining about me not finishing it. I secretly finished it yesterday and surprised him with it this morning. He loves it. He's such a good husband.

Mom and Dad kept the kids for a few hours this afternoon for us. We ate at their place then headed out...mostly to run errands. In the midst of our errand running, however, we did manage to get by the new coffee/hookah pipe cafe. It was awesome.

FYI: Petra Cafe, on HWY 377 in Watauga (Texas)
Great, great coffee. Not bitter, very smooth, just enough flavor (when you order something like Cafe Mocha).
Their Hookah pipes are fun.
Service is very friendly and welcoming.
Atmosphere is clean and cozy.
2 thumbs up!

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Geraldine said...

Not sure about the hookah...or even the coffee, but great job on the socks and bag!!! 8^)