Sunday, April 02, 2006


So here's the deal. You know Southlake's been looking for a minister for a while now. They are also trying to restructure themselves to be more geared toward missional outlook and spiritual development of their members. A few weeks ago the youth minister went to the elders and told them he thought he should take a roll of leadership in spiritual development and then eventually suggested that they consider Todd for youth minister there. He was already in the final 5 for pulpit so the elders all knew who he was and all about us. It's actually a bit complicated but long and short of it is that as of this morning, Todd is the new youth minister at Southlake Boulevard Church!!! This all happened within this last week and has blown us away.

God has been so faithful. Sometimes, in order to make the puzzle pieces fit, He turns them upside down. When He does, it makes the whole picture come together.

You all know how we feel about this church. We couldn't be more thrilled. Please say a prayer of thanks to God for this....which reminds me...thank you for all the prayers that got us here. Please also continue to pray for us as we seek the minister for our pulpit.

There are about 100 kids (or just over) in this youth group and they are a neat bunch of kids. Todd's already been gone from home almost constantly since Tuesday night when they first brought the idea of youth ministery to him so we're slipping back into old routines. I get them ready for bed, Todd gets them ready for school. It's the childcare routine that has worked for several years for us and I'm glad we get to keep it!

All said, we are delirious and emotionally exhausted and just grinning all the live long day out here. We love you guys!


The Emersons said...

YEAAA!!! Praise God! I know you all have been listening to God saying "wait" for a long time. Praise Him for his faithfulness!

michael said...

Congrats! I'm almost as happy as I would have been if you ended up out here closer to us ;-)