Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Karyn's Blog

I read Karyn's blog today and it was beautiful. Sometimes her blogs inspire me like that, sometimes they confuse me, they always make me think....which is why I like reading Karyn's blog.
Karyn is the daughter of a dear friend and I think of her as a friend too. I wonder sometimes if that's just weird for her. I remember my mom's friends when I was growing up. They knew all about me, my boyfriends' names, my achievements, my failures, but I hardly knew them. So occasionally a near stranger would ask me questions about my life and I would be taken aback. Is it like that for Karyn? or Ellen for that matter? Regardless....
I like Karyn's blog (and Ellen's too. She's in France.) This morning she (Karyn) wrote about how we are all just bits of the people around us and in the midst of it wondered what it was like when there was only one person. That's what made me think. If we are made up of the people we experience life with, and God was Adam's only companion, what was he like? Did everything he see remind him of God? And, if so, how did he manage to screw it up so badly? For that matter, how does a nation that stares at the glory of God all day and night, with nothing around them but wilderness and God, manage to screw it up so badly? And, knowing we're all like that, why is it that God likes us that way?
I think it's pretty cool. I like that my kids aren't perfect too. Maybe that's because I'm made in His image. Maybe.

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