Thursday, December 08, 2005


Man oh man is it cold here! We had a fun bit of winter hit us yesterday. The boys had school all day, though. When my driveway iced over I assumed schools would shut down early but they hung in all day long. We got mostly frozen rain/sleet but it still left white on the ground. My sweet little one, who's never seen snow, said, "Momma! There's sand everywhere! Can I go feel it?" He had fun. They all did, way after dark and long after I told them not to stay out any longer. It was just way too fun.
The sunny pictures are from this morning. The normal course of events around here is a freak storm followed by a quick thaw. Today, however, nothings going to be thawing. It's 18 degrees with a wind chill of 4. YIKES!
My little house is so warm! Despite the ice on the metal frames of our windows, there are no cold spots inside. Under my kitchen cabinets are warm! Near the windows it's warm! My floor's not even especially cold. I love this house! Posted by Picasa

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The Emersons said...

teresa...your blogs are so fun to read! i enjoy checking it every so often and seeing what fun things your family has been up to. how did you publish the 4 pictures together? i'd like to do one like that on our blog of caden growing.