Tuesday, December 13, 2005


We thought Todd was going to start a job today. He was going to Verizon on a temp' assignment for their corporate office, helping with their phone book somehow. We got a call yesterday from the lady at the temp office (a.k.a Todd's sister-in-law) letting him know that Verizon was unprepared for him to start yet, the job won't start now until the 20th or so, which doesn't help with Christmas at all. He already told the folks he substitute teaches for that he'd be unavailable so he'll have to go back and start with them again. sigh. I'm sure it could get more frustrating somehow, but I'm hoping it doesn't.

Meanwhile, you should read Todd's blog on robbing banks. It is hilarious! I think it is worth noting that I once had a youth minister who turned to robbing banks....for real! The main difference being that he had left the church in disgrace and (obviously) was not of the same moral character as Todd. Anyway. Read Todd's blog, and then read his blog about Christmas. Todd Rocks!!!

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