Sunday, January 24, 2010


So. I've been duly chastised for not keeping up with my blog.
I always thought it was a cop out, but it's true: working on your computer all day makes it much less fun to do things... like update blogs... on your computer when you get home. I have to remind myself that there are people out there who actually want to know what my kids are up to. They may even care what I've been up to sometimes too!

Here's the deal. My "part time" gig as admin. asst. for my friend from church has turned into a real live job. I quit working for the nursery school at the church at Christmas. I'm officially working 25 hours a week, but it often ends up being more.

My boss has been operating this business on the side now for several years but started doing it full time last Spring. She's been working from home, and for a little while, from a space in the church office. We moved into an official office space in December. We worked our rears off getting it all fixed up and our "Office Warming" was last Monday. It was a lot of fun!

Pictures of the whole ordeal, I mean adventure, can be seen on the website:

The kids are doing great. School is an ordeal, as it should be for any 8, 13 or 14 year old boy worth his salt. Hunter continues to take bass guitar lessons, Ike is at super-blue in Tae Kwon Do (next belt is brown) and Josiah is keeping us on our toes. Josiah's Paxil seems to be working nicely as long as we can keep him out of the foods he's not supposed to eat. Todd is still loving his job. Our dog has some horrible cough which was diagnosed as "kennel cough" but his meds aren't helping. Not a really big deal, just one more thing on our plates.

Feel free to nag me about the blog. I'll do my best to get some pics of the boys up for you soon.


Kat said...

I LOVE to see your updates pop up on the blogs I follow!!! Nag, nag, nag

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. See, nagging works sometimes. Love you! Aunt R.