Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isaac's Birthday

We started Isaac's birthday off early by all donning mustaches whilst he opened his presents, most of which were Bakugan-related.  He also received some pet frogs and a metal detector.

From that we moved on to Assateague Island.  It's about a 4 hour trip through some beautiful farm land.  The island is famous for its wild ponies but it also has a fabulous beach.  Here's a shot of Ike trying out the new detector.  He found 51 cents.  The coins remarkably resembled some coins which had recently been residing in Todd's pocket, but we won't mention that.
(Yes, that's Todd in a cowboy hat.  The farther we move from Texas the more he reverts.  Go figure.)
On the way home from the island, we stopped for some birthday treats.  Cake Pops, of course!!  Cake mixed with frosting, put on a stick and covered with chocolate candy.  Does it get any better?
It was a great day, good weather, safe journies and fun side-stops.  When I get my hands on someone else's pics from the day, I'll show you some ponies.

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